February 2017
It was pretty much YUP at first sight for Misty Superior. As in, YUP she's coming home with us today. YUP, YUP, YUP! Misty was a beloved companion once before but her owner's life became very hard and complicated. CARF and the Ukrainian Village community were happy to help out when it became apparent that Misty could no longer remain with her owner. Today she starts another chapter in her life. It will be different but still filled with love.


January 2017
We have some AWESOME news to share about our liver shunt kitten, Hemi! Hemi got ADOPTED by his long term foster momma!! Hemi is a special needs kitten who has a liver shunt and requires a special low protein diet. This is not cheap! We would love to start Hemi and his mom off on the right... paw, with a good supply of food. There are a couple of options on our Wishlist (tinyurl.com/carfkittywishlist).


January 2017
Not all kittens are perfect and little Wanda has had some struggles in her young life, but her new parents fell for her anyway. She is going to be a-ok with her great new family who doesn't mind a set of sometimes gooey eyes! Thanks for adopting our sweet and sassy little lady!


January 2017
Little Annie has given us a bit of a run for our money at times, providing us with large doses of "tortietude" when she deemed it appropriate and sassing her brother and sister. Not so when she made it to her foster mom's house; she has been nothing but the perfect angel. Annie chose her person and it was mutual. She's not leaving and the look on her face says, "this is MY mom!" Happy adoption day, ladies!

Toast & Jam

January 2017
All of our adoptions are special but some give us an extra little kick. There's something about watching our longer-term charges make it home that just feels so good! We've had Toast and Jam since they were wee kittens. They had a great foster home and dedicated foster parents that made sure they made it to all of our adoption events, but for some reason they were overlooked. They grew into young cats under our watch and Toast got grumpier about coming to events. Then just yesterday someone saw their picture and BOOM BANG BING - adoption application submitted, approved and appointment set. And tonight they are HOME!

Spruce & John

January 2017
The adoption of Spruce & John was a family affair! Spruce was a miracle child who was kept alive by round the clock care after he got sick at 2 weeks old & stopped eating. John and his other sibs were introduced to keep Spruce company after he got better (and to keep him from becoming a spoiled brat). John had his own story - dumped at the shelter with no mother when he was too young to eat on his own. Now they are brothers forever with a beautiful extended family!


January 2017
When we first met Carmel he was one of many friendly cats at a packed Chicago Animal Care and Control. He was passed over repeatedly for rescue and ended waiting for almost three months in a tiny cage with little stimulation. He never lost his friendly and happy demeanor and proved to be a most awesome cat. He was adopted over the holidays and it looks like he's settled in quite well to his forever home! Way to go, buddy!

Mr. Morris

January 2017
This picture shows what a hot little handful of adorable energy Mr. Morris is! This lucky kid, who loves to climb, is going to love the cat tree at his new home. Pretty good for a guy who was dumped with his sibs at the cold hard shelter before he could eat on his own. Happy life Mr. Morris!


January 2017
Oh Maude, you were in such sorry shape when we found you, so far back in the corner of the cage we almost passed you by. Always a polite gal, you seemed to know that things were finally going to work out for you. This weekend was the final step in your big journey, you met your mom! And now you get your very own cat sibling who is ready to meet you too! Sweet Maude you get the happy ending you deserve!

Lucy & Linus

January 2017
Lucy and Linus are home! These two, formally Princess Fluffybutt and Daniel Bryant, where rescued as orphaned bottle babies. They were patiently raised by CARF's bottle baby expert until they were ready to launch as energetic and carefree goofs. Yay for CARF's first adoption of 2017.


January 2017
Usually it's the kittens that get adopted while their mommas have to wait and wait for their forever homes, long after the kittens leave. "Not this time" says Mama June! She found her forever home before her four kittens and kissed motherhood goodbye!

Jackie O & Elvira

January 2017
We love it when kittens get adopted in pairs! It's especially great when that pair includes two kittens that have been with us for a long time and finally get to go to their forever homes. We first met Jackie O around Halloween when she was a tiny, scared kitten with a severely fractured hind leg. Everything about her broken leg pointed toward amputation, but since she was so small that surgery would be a risk, and she was a kitten whose bones tend to possess magical healing powers, she got a big, leg stabilizing bandage instead. Jack was a master of shedding that bandage and would often take it off almost as soon as it was put on. Despite her broken leg, she was an active crazy kitten who couldn't be slowed down. Elvira was one of seven kittens brought to one of our rescue partners after being found "in the woods." We were only expecting three kittens that day but instead were surprised with seven black kittens of various ages, including bottle babies. Elvira was one of the youngest and also the sassiest. These girls will keep their forever family on their toes for many years to come!

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