Recent Success Stories

Kit Kat

March 2017
Kit Kat landed a pretty sweet foster home and honey, this girl knows how to close a deal. In this pic, she had literally just leapt into her foster mom's arms. Let's just say promises were made, papers were signed and Kit Kat ain't goin' no where!


March 2017
This first time cat mom had a hard time choosing, so many awesome cats abound. In the end, she took a shot on Whiskey. This sweet young girl is pretty intoxicating when she turns on the charm. Cheers to all!

Bobblehead & Samantha

March 2017
Bobblehead and Samantha's new mom was the first to arrive to Saturday's event. These two were the last of the litter found in the woods. She had a mission - meet these kittens, fall in love and adopt. Boom, bang, bing, done and done. Off they went to meet their new cat family with their new cat mom.

Bourbon & Fireball

February 2017
Well, we didn't have these two little charmers for very long! Happy adoption day to fast friends and now adoptive brothers, Bourbon and Fireball! Their forever family is in for tons of fun with this adorable pair!


February 2017
Here at CARF we truly believe the right home out there for every single cat. We never give up hope that all of our cats, even the more challenging medical or behavioral cases, will find their special someone. And that's how it was with Bobby. We knew that as an initially shy black adult cat he was a tough sell, but we also knew that he bonded well with his caretakers and had a fun personality behind all that shyness. After he was abandoned at Village West for some time, we started marketing him for adoption. It took a while, but eventually a cat-loving couple came along that fell in love with his photo. They knew he wasn't going to "show well" at a meet and greet and had no expectation of even being able to touch him that day. They knew it would probably take a long time for him to warm up to them in a new home. It didn't matter to them, they wanted to give him the best life after his not so great start. To everyone's surprise, a day into him being in his forever home, he's allowing some pets and even some a belly rub! We couldn't be happier for Bobby and truly appreciate his new family for taking a chance on him!


February 2017
Gorgeous girl Cassidy had some bad luck in her past that pretty just couldn't fix. There was lots of interest in this gal with no tail, but we had to sort through many good applications to find the one that was the best fit to turn her frown upside down. Her new family was patient and committed to her from the get go, and look at them now! Thrilled beyond words!


February 2017
Another fluffybutt adopted at our event was Violet! She liked her new family so much she didn't give anyone else the time of day once she met them and said, "peace out, CARF!" She joins another similarly aged ragdoll and quite the lovely forever family! Happy adoption to Violet and family!


February 2017
Look who got adopted!! Yep, that's our magical little buddy, Hank! Hank is so special to us and we are lucky that we got to help him find his forever home. He's been through so much and remained good-natured and sweet through it all. Hank was waiting for the right home and he found that tonight with a cat-loving family who has three kitty brothers waiting for him at home. Happy adoption day to Hank and family!!


February 2017
We love it when cats that are repeatedly passed over even though they are the just the best ever get adopted. Pashmina is just perfect for her new mom, a longtime CARF supporter who is hoping to get Pash working as a therapy cat! Happy adoption to two lovely ladies!


February 2017
Ms. Edie has always had tons of personality, from her unwaveringly friendly nature while sitting in a cage at CACC for weeks in a packed shelter, to making the most of her freedom ride, to charming her new momma. She's already settling in to her forever home and we're so happy for our tortie girl! Happy adoption to Edie and her new mom!

Lillybelle & Fulton

February 2017
Super siblings (from other mothers) Lillybelle and Fulton Reed charmed their new family at our adoption event yesterday! Happy adoption little kittens!


February 2017
Topher waited for so long to find his perfect fit. He started out as a hisssssy almost feral kitten that CARF trapped in a yard full of cats. Man, let me tell you, he did not like people. Not one bit, not even kinda. Times have changed for this guy, with a ton of patience and some forced hugs, he came around beautifully. Way to go buddy!